Amaze in VR is a game that can only be played with at least 2 people.

One player will be The Eye, and the other will be The Mind.

The Eye: This player can use the Oculus Rift(or just the mouse if you don't have the Oculus) to look the world around you. This player CAN'T look at the Amaze Book while playing, and should try as much as possible to tunnel vision into the screen.

The Mind: This player CAN'T look at the game screen. However, he is in charge of the movement of the character in the maze, using WASD. This player also has access to the Amaze Book, which has various maps of multiples stances of the maze.

Only through verbal communication the players can exchange information and then find together in which version of the maze they are, where exactly they are in the maze, and how to find the exit.

The maps have reference points with codenames.
Maps not always represent exactly how the maze is, as it and can have (or not) broken walls and/or secret passages.
Sometimes there are traps throughout the maze that can hit the player and make him respawn randomly to any of the respawn points available.

The objective of the game is to get as fast as possible to the exit. Have Fun!

PS:Refresh the page to try another instance of the maze as it's randomly picked when the game starts.
If you refresh and end up in the "same maze", you might be wrong because this instance of the maze might be different (even though the equivalent map is the same)


Jordan "Fahrenheit" Silva

Gabriel "Shanks" Cunegato



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